• Carrillo connecting rods are well known within pro racing and street performance circles for good reason; they produce a premium product that winning racers around the world depend on.

  • Sale!
    These are the same premium pistons we use in our winning race and high-performance street engines around the world! We feel that these are the best pistons for your high performance or racing engine.

  • NGK 95706 Spark plug set required for running 100% e85, and high boost on many BMW application including N54, N55, S55, etc. Plugs can be bought as a set of 6. You can add pre-gapping for an additional $25

  • VTT B58 Billet One Way Crankcase Breather

    VTT is happy to introduce the first and only available plug and play ONE-WAY crankcase breather kit for BMW B58 applications (Supra is different please go to our Supra section if looking for a supra breather) With this breather simply remove your oil cap, install the breather, and instantly free up horsepower, improve turbo draining, remove crankcase pressure, all while adding a cool look to your engine bay. FITS with the engine cover on. Engine cover can be removed, and installed without removing the breather.

  • We are happy to release our BMWB58 (Fits ALL B58 models including TU found in the A90/A91 Toyota Supra) vacuum/boost adapter. These go inline with the intake manifold fitting and provide a full boost/vacuum signal from the manifold. This fitting adds two 1/8NPT bungs to accept any fitting that has 1/8" NPT threads. You can choose options, Fitting by itself, 1/4" barb, as well as 1/8NPT plugs if you only want one barb, etc. You can choose straight or 90-degree barbs. Once installed it tucks perfectly under your engine cover. These are perfect for running your PI switch off manifold pressure which is much more accurate than charge pipe, and they are also great for BOV running the proper size line without having to drill a hole in your manifold. These do space out any sensors etc giving inaccurate readings like some of the other brands do. They are made from 6061-T6 anodized black, with steel plugs, and Blue Anodized barbed fittings. You can choose to order in a few ways. Adapter alone - $40 Basic kit - 1 Adapter, 1 barb, and one plug $45.00 Dual Barb kit - 1 Adapter, 2 barbs, $55.00