VTT Turbo Basics: The 600 WHP N54

So, you want 600 whp... We think every N54 powered vehicle should have 600 whp. Why not? 600 at the wheels is a good number; not so high that reliability and drivability is an issue, not so low that you’re uncomfortably close to maxed stock turbo performance. There are always a variety of ways to achieve your goals, but we put together a quick list of things that will definitely [...]

VTT Turbo Basics: Blow Off Vales & Bypass Valves

We at VTT have noticed issues involving blow off/bypass valves becoming more prevalent in the N54 world. Let’s clear the air and help sort this out. In order to break it down, we’ll define the valves, go into simple operation, why it matters for a turbo system, and our recommendations. What is a Blow Off Valve, a Bypass Valve, and what’s the difference? Functionally, all a Blow Off Valve (BOV) [...]