Turbo Installation Requirements

Installation available, please Contact Us to inquire about installation cost and book an appointment.

If installation is done elsewhere. For all stage 1 and stage 2 hybrids we do NOT provide any factory gaskets or hardware and suggest you buy these items prior to beginning installation or have your install center purchase them, to insure you have a smooth time installing the turbos.

ALL OIL FEED LINES MUST EITHER BE REPLACED OR BE TOTALLY FREE from any carbon or foreign objects, crude, dirt, metal shavings, you name it we have seen it in the feed lines. If this is not done your warranty is void from the second you start the motor and your turbos are not receiving the oil they need to survive.

We suggest having a qualified technician do the installation as this will help eliminate most problems that occur while they are being installed. If you do decide to install the turbos yourself, please inform yourself with as much information, and a Bentley or similar manual before starting the process to insure your highest percentage of success.

If you have any question please feel free to Contact us BEFORE you proceed to make sure you are not going to cause any damage to your new turbos.

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