VTT/FF N54 Intake Manifold


3 in stock (can be backordered)

Manifold comes standard with fuel rail, gaskets and installation hardware.

3 in stock (can be backordered)



 As most all of you with a few years on this platform remember, Fab Factory made what was the most popular N54 intake manifold to date. Extremely beautiful, well designed, and backed up by results from our shop car, and others. The problem was FF ended up closing its doors due to some problems between partners.

 We kept in touch with Shawn over the years, and bounced around the idea of bringing the manifold back to life, but nothing ever came of it. Finally, about 6 months ago I ran the idea of simply buying the rights from Shawn directly, and taking over production of the manifold as a VTT product. He liked the idea, we agreed on a price, and all the drawings were transferred to VTT.

 We worked very hard with our CNC manufacturer, sent them the full set of drawings as well as the extra manifold we have so they could begin doing a 100% faithful recreation of what FF had developed a few years back.

 Some product details

  • Full billet production using aircraft 6061-T6, then tig welded, and anodized for good looks, and resistance to corrosion
  • Two -10ORB ports on the bottom, which allow you to run any of our -10ORB fittings from modular setups for PCV, vacuum needs
  • Three 1/8”-27NPT ports to the top on production manifolds for easy access to manifold vacuum, and boost reference

 Our goal was not only to recreate this fan-favorite but also to make it more accessible by offering it at a lower price. The manifold will come in 3 colors standard clear anodize, black anodize, and red anodize. Custom anodize available for $350 + 30-45-day lead time. Since these are made at the same manufacture as our Billet Valve covers the anodizing will match, so we as an added bonus if you buy an intake manifold, we can offer the Billet VC for $950 bundle price


Pricing will be as Follows.

  • Manifold with Fuel rail, gaskets, and all hardware – $1199
  • Billet CNC throttle body adapter with single-piece silicone charge pipe with Map sensor adapter, and BOV flange $250
  • US made DW 550cc injectors $300, 950cc injectors $750
  • Plug, and Play extension harnesses for the throttle body, and map sensor $100 for both
  • Injector Blanks for people wanting to run DI only $75 for a set of 6
  • Complete PI kit bundle $1700 (controller required, not included)
  • Complete DI only kit bundle $1500
  • Complete PI kit bundle with Billet VC $2650
  • Complete DI only kit bunch with Billet VC $2450

Compared to the other manifold on the market

  • Rough cast, no internal velocity stacks
  • Limited vacuum options, have to drill/tap for large fittings
  • Fuel rail under manifold for poor injection angle, difficult to work on
  • $1500 no injectors, no additional parts at all +$300 over VTT/FF
  • $2000 with injectors +$500 over VTT/FF
  • $2350 with injectors, and charge pipe (no harnesses) +$650 over VTT/FF

The manifolds are currently live on the site as PRE-ORDER ONLY! We are waiting on the charge pipe, harnesses, etc. to be finished before can release them. Looking at a 60 day lead or so for complete packages to ship.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 16 in


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