Modifying your Audi 2.5TSFI engine for more power, want to get rid of the problematic PCV set up which is hard to modify, and pulls oil from the crank into the combustion chamber via ports on the cylinder head? Using this plate will close off the factory PCV ports, and allow you to run an external PCV set up of your choice. We made the plate modular so you can use any of our myriad of fittings we already offer for popular BMW PCV systems, and catch cans. Go from mild to wild, and anywhere in between using our fittings, vacuum relieves, and check valves.

We also offer complete kits with catch cans, and all hoses, and fittings for a plug, and play system to fully convert your Audi external PCV.

You can choose just the plate, and create your own system, or grab any numbers of fittings if you need more you can order them on their own as well links below.

All fitting choices can be found here if extras are needed:

Vacuum relief can be found here:

Check Valves can be found here: