The award-winning Kompact EM series Blow-Off Valves, are the world’s first truly plug and play Blow-Off Valves. Simply unplug and unbolt your OEM Blow-Off Valve, and install ours in its place. No adapters, hoses or extra assembly required. All this while retaining complete OE control of the BOV’s operation.

VTT Is proud to offer the Turbosmart Kompact EM BOV VR1, in both Dual-Port and Plumb Back.

For the Dual-Port they are a 50/50 DV meaning they vent the first 50% of travel back into the intake, and the last 50% of travel is VTA.

The Plumb Back functions exactly like the factory DV venting all bypassed air back into the intake, but with improved response and venting capability.

Turbosmart Description:
Turbocharger performance is increased due to minimizing leakage, rapid response, coupled with superior thermal performance thanks to our world-leading engineering and simulation abilities.

A must-have for hybrid or larger flowing turbos that utilize OE electronic diverter valve by not leaking, the EM will achieve target boost without stressing the turbocharger and wastegatePlumb back vents back into the air intake.

Key Features Include:

  • Patent-pending integrated pressure control
  • True plug and play upgrade
  • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve
  • Billet construction with high temperature o-rings
  • Available in plumb back or dual port options