Looking to make 700WHP+ on your N54 powered vehicle, need the fuel to do to so, and don’t want to spend a ton of money? Look no further than the PFS bucketless fuel “External Series” pump upgrade! The external series takes our already best on the market bucketless design and adds a 3/8 Quick Disconnect bulkhead fitting to the top hat which allows you to run the secondary pump independent of the factory lines. This allows FULL FLOW from the second pump unhindered by the factory jet pump, siphon, fuel filter, or Fuel pressure regulator. We add a few more options to get the fuel flow needed to make your N54 king of the kill!

(If ordering our PFS PI kit, we can work with you to get the proper line configuration so you are not buying multiples line sets)

(Custom line kits can be ordered, simply let us know your needs, and we will build you a custom set up)

  • All PFS “External Series” Bucketless pumps include the following:
    • A complete plug and play solution by simply getting rid of your factory bucket
    • Two New E85 compatible Walbro 450 F9000274 pumps
    • Two new Walbro filters (Hydra-Mat available in options)
    • Wiring Harness for the secondary pump with Fused power
    • Hobbs Switch
    • Fuel pump relay
    • 3/8 QD fitting on the Passenger side top hat
    • -6 Fuel line from Passenger side tank to front of the vehicle
    • -6 Fuel line from Driver side tank to front of the vehicle
    • PFS 10 micron filter with choice of outlet fittings
    • Flow testing on the PFS test bench prior to shipping
  • Options for “External Series” Bucketless pumps include the following:
    • External Fuel Pressure regulator with return line $249.00
    • Outlet fitting for the filter
    • Return fitting on passenger top hat


All parts are 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, and anodized for a tough durable finish, compatible with all fuel types. We ONLY sell the Walbro F9000274, NOT the lower pressure relief F9000267 pumps. Every PFS fuel pump upgrade includes the 274!