• Looking to go above 31PSI on your VAG vehicle that uses SENT map sensors? If so you will need this 4-bar SENT sensor with integrated IAT. These are plug and play for most 2.5L engines including DAZA, and DNWA(US VERSION), as well as some other VAG platforms. You will need to have your tuner rescale your map for the sensor, but that is the only change needed. We offer them in pairs only, which is needed on most vehicles. $300 for the pair.

  • VTT is proud to announce our 8V RS3 DSG catch can set up. Tired of DSG oil spewing all over your engine on hard launches? this kit will fix that issue at a low price and look great while doing it. What is happening is the fluid gets hot and expands there is a breather on top of the trans, and if the fluid expands enough it is pushed out of the breather up the tube, and out the vent onto your engine. This kit prevents that by allowing the fluid to be pushed up into the can while hot, and drain back into the trans once it cools down. As with our Engine catch can these use our already extremely popular modular catch can, and couples it with a custom CNC 6061 bracket, VTT -6AN to barbed fitting. Install is simple, takes about 15 minutes to an hour depending on your skill level, and requires removing the intake to gain easier access. This is the perfect complement to our RS3 engine side catch can, as they mirror each other in the engine bay. Kit Break down is as follows:
    • One Catch Can
    • One CNC 6061 bracket
    • One -6AN to barbed fitting

  • Modifying your Audi 2.5TSFI engine for more power, want to get rid of the problematic PCV set up which is hard to modify, and pulls oil from the crank into the combustion chamber via ports on the cylinder head? Using this plate will close off the factory PCV ports, and allow you to run an external PCV set up of your choice. We made the plate modular so you can use any of our myriad of fittings we already offer for popular BMW PCV systems, and catch cans. Go from mild to wild, and anywhere in between using our fittings, vacuum relieves, and check valves. We also offer complete kits with catch cans, and all hoses, and fittings for a plug, and play system to fully convert your Audi external PCV.

  • Sale!
    Looking to spice up the engine bay of your Audi/VW or Porsche without spending a ton of money. Our Billet Oil caps come in 5 colors plus a custom option and will look great in any engine bay. CNC machined from a billet of 6061-T6 Aircraft aluminum they sport a factory fit and finish with a Viton O-ring for long a leak-free life. They fit a WIDE variety of vehicles and directly replace your factory oil cap.  

  • Looking to add some power and tq to your DAZA or DNWA powered vehicle? Also, looking to add some bling to your engine bay? Look no further than the VTT Billet Intake manifold. We truly combine function and fashion with this offering. Machined from Billet 6061-T6, with CFD testing used to aid in design, this manifold gets rid of the restrictions in the factory manifold, and throttle elbow, and improves flow through-out the powerband. During our testing, we saw gains of 29WHP/28WTQ at 5500 RPM and 19WHP/14WTQ at 7500RPM.