While the primary reason for purchasing car turbochargers is the use of the exhaust gas energy to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, there are many other benefits as well. Many automobile manufacturers offer a model or two with turbochargers but even if your car doesn't come standard with a turbocharger, you can still add a unit to your car's engine.

We offer a wide range of automotive turbochargers for nearly all makes of automobiles. If you are looking for a automotive turbocharger, our online price search can help you find available automotive turbochargers for your vehicle's engine.

Five Key Advantages of Automotive Turbochargers

1. Fuel Savings - When you compare an engine optimized with a automotive turbocharger to a typical engine of identical power, the fuel consumption of the turbo charged engine is lower. This results in some fuel savings because what would normally be wasted through exhaust is now used to help contribute power to the engine.

2. Improved Power-to-Weight Ratio - The power output in relation to engine weight is much better in engines with automotive turbochargers when compared to standard non-turbo engines.

3. Smaller Installation Area - The installation space required for an engine with a automotive turbocharger is smaller than that of a typical engine with the same power output.

4. Improved Performance - Because more airflow is being thrusted through the turbine, additional power and increased performance are gained. As a result, acceleration is faster, speed loss is reduced, and climbing a hill requires fewer gear changes which can also reduce the wear and tear on the car's transmission.

5. Quieter Operation - Because of its size and manufacture, the noise that resonates from engines enhanced with automotive turbochargers is more suppressed and certainly less noisy than a typical engine with identical power output. In fact, the automotive turbocharger itself acts as a silencer.

Even if you aren't sure which automotive turbocharger you need, we can still help. Our experienced staff of technicians can help you determine the right turbocharger for your vehicle. Vargas Turbo is an authorized dealer for: BD, Diesel Pro, Banks, Hypermax, and ATS.

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