Started a trucking company in the 1970's Vargas Turbo & Diesel has the experience and expertise to get your Diesel diagnosed and running right the first time every time, Whether it's a fleet of work trucks, your weekend toy, or your daily driver we can make sure it stays on the road and in running as it was intended from the factory.

We Specialize in Ford Powerstroke 7.3 / 6.0 and the all the problems associated with these engines. Whether you are having issues with the EGR system, High Pressure Oil (HPO) system, Oil cooler issues, Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC's / Check engine light), Overheating, blown head gaskets, engine failure, FICM problems, the list goes on and on with these trucks. We have seen it all and can diagnose and repair your Ford Powerstoke where other shops scratch their heads.

We also specialize in Chevy Duramax, and Dodge Cummins, from injector issues on the Duramax to injector pump and low rail pressure on the Cummins we have seen and fixed everything you can imagine on these engines. You can be confident we can diagnose and fix your truck first time every time

For product inquiries or specific prices please call (510) 537-2266 or e-mail tony@vargasturbo.com