Turbocharger Overhauls

Real world value for budgets and expenditure

VTT will ensure that you, as an engine operator or owner, will get real world value for your budgets and expenditure when faced with turbocharger problems or failures.

Of course, we can supply and fit new units, but we understand that often budgets require an overhaul solution to restore units to health.

The best solution for you may be an exchange for a refurbished unit, it may be partial refit, or your problem may be solved with simple cleaning options or balancing using our dynamic balancing facilities.

Beyond Repair?

Vargas Turbocharger Technologies has developed a range of specialist engineering techniques to repair expensive components.

We can repair turbine and compressor blades by specialized welding, we restore filters or silencers through re-felting, and we routinely recondition complete units with new seals, seal journals, and components which will restore or upgrade the performance of your engine.

And when you contact us to overhaul your unit, we will show you more real world examples to demonstrate how we Vargas Turbo will help fix your problems.

The best overhaul solution for you?

Contact us and ask. Our engineers will work with you to find the most economical and reliable solution.