Performance and Economy

Economics dictated by fuel savings and emissions

Today the economics of the shipping, power and locomotive industry are dominated by a) squeezing the most out of expensive fuels and b) by reducing emissions. And it looks likely these will remain priorities for the foreseeable future.
Fortunately, the turbocharger is the single most cost-effective way to tackle these issues. No other component can boost power, improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions the way the turbocharger can.
Vargas Turbo will help you maximize the effectiveness of your turbocharger in one of two ways:

1. Optimize existing systems

We can provide with a detailed plan of how to make the most out of the system you already have in place.

2. Replace, upgrade or retrofit older units for newer more fuel efficient turbocharger units

With the cost of fuel and the punitive penalties from poor emissions, there is often a case to upgrade or replace units with more efficient designs.