When you think "diesel" you might conjure up visions of semis and tractor trailors barreling down the highway, but in fact a number of passenger cars use diesel gas as well. Following BMW's entry into the turbo diesel arena in 1973, Mercedes and Volkswagen all but perfected a turbo charged diesel engine in the early 1980's. The overall fuel savings and lower emissions soon helped consumers see that "turbo charged" didn't just mean speed and power, it meant good, clean economical and environmental sense.

Of primary importance when adding a diesel engine to a passenger car is the weight. Too heavy and gas is burned at an increased rate. Too light and the car might not have enough power to navigate hills or roads at higher altitudes. With the introduction of the diesel turbo charged engine, more power and acceleration are afforded without increasing weight or fuel consumption.

Today's turbo diesel charged engines are vastly improved over the beginning models, which often had slow response to acceleration. This phenomenon, called "turbo lag", results in a brief delay from when the accelerator is pressed and the car actually kicks into higher speeds.

Simply said, the turbine needs time to "spool up" and supply the required air to the engine for the boost. Over the years, improvements in manufacturing and the proper sizing of components has resulted in a decrease in turbo lag.

Whether you drive a diesel truck or car, a turbo diesel charger can help you boost your car's power while cutting fuel costs and emissions at the same time. Even if you already have a turbo diesel unit installed in your vehicle's engine, perhaps it's not running at peak efficiency? Or maybe you want to further boost power output without putting a strain on the engine?

At Vargas Turbo, our experience in all kinds of turbochargers, including turbo diesel components, can help you determine the right model for your car. As well, we can repair, rebuild, or even enhance your turbo diesel unit for better efficiency and increased power. We are an authorized dealer for BD, Diesel Pro, Banks, Hypermax, and ATS.

Even if you aren't sure which turbo diesel unit you need, we can still help. Our experienced
staff of technicians can help you determine the right diesel turbocharger for your vehicle.

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