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About Vargas Turbo Inc.

Vargas Turbo Inc. specializes in providing and servicing turbo engines in all different shapes and sizes...gas or diesel...for automobiles or aircraft. Whether you need to have your turbocharger repaired or you are looking to purchase a new, rebuilt, or custom turbocharger, you can rely on our years of experience, our quality, and our attention to detail.

Not only will you receive a great product at a great price, but you'll also gain the peace of mind of knowing that we'll be there when you need us. Best of all, you can rest assured knowing that your turbocharger will be designed or selected for your specific needs. Turbo chargers aren't a "one size fits all" solution and we have the experience it takes to ensure that you select and properly install the right turbocharger for your engine.

Why Vargas Turbocharger?
The type of turbocharger you purchase is just as important as the shop you choose to purchase from. At Vargas Turbo, we don't just pull an item off the shelf and ship it while hoping for the best. Instead, we'll take the time to make sure that you are purchasing the right turbocharger for your engine and overall needs.

Turbo chargers aren't "one size fits all" solutions and it's crucial that the vital components of a turbocharger, such as the turbine and compressor, are manufactured to accommodate the engine they'll be installed in.

From OEM turbochargers to aftermarket turbochargers to custom turbocharger design, we can individually tailor a turbocharger for your engine based on your engine's specifications. Thanks to our rigorous analysis and testing procedures, we can fabricate or help you select te right turbocharger for the job.

We also ensure that your turbocharger, whether rebuilt, purchased new, or custom designed, is made with the highest quality parts and components under the guidance of an experienced and capable staff.

All of this translates to a smooth and efficient buying process so that you know the turbocharger you select is perfect for your car, aircraft or diesel engine.